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Or maybe there is still a jar available somewhere. If you have mapped out what your goals are and which budgets you can use for this, we go one step further: at which moments can we intervene in the near future? Hookers for your content calendar The last quarter of the year is full of holidays that you can perfectly tap into to achieve or exceed your goals. Here’s a list to help you on your way:

IKEA turned the concept

Halloween October 31st singles day November 11 Thanksgiving Nov 26 black friday Nov 27 Cyber ​​Monday November 30 Saint Nicholas 5th of December Christmas Dec 25-26 New Years Eve December 31 As you can see in Google Trends, the search Guatemala WhatsApp Number List volume on these holidays already rises around the end of September. So: hook up to those inhakers! But yes, how do you do that?

Create wish lists

I would like to give you some inspiration to help you on your way, because there are plenty of ways! Google Trends. Lists and (landing) pages for the holidays As the holidays approach, the (choice) stress hits: what are you going to give as a gift? What is fun, original and surpasses last year’s gift? A little inspiration is then more than welcome, and we see that reflected in the Google Trends data.

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