Press Series, Omnibus-Type’s free fonts

The argentine digital foundry omnibustype freely shares its fonts to use in any project. Press series is, neither more nor less, one of the latest projects that the argentine digital foundry omnibustype has in hand. These are five font families, specially designed to facilitate the reading of printed and digital publications, which they share for free and with freedom of use for any type of project, through google fonts . Press series, the free fonts of omnibustype 1 faustina and manuale , two fonts with serifs and generous middle eyes, are the queens of the crown of this collection, although they share prominence with archivo narrow and asap , the foundry’s most popular fonts –and also the ones that have been downloaded the most times from among all of this selection – and with saira , designed to reign in the headlines.


Spirited Designs to Celebrate the Holidays.

The press series collection brings together a total of 68 fonts e-commerce photo editing made up of five highquality typographic families created by omnibustype. Who said cycling couldn’t be artistic the tour de france ended yesterday, on this. Occasion, 99designs invites you to reinvent the way you ride a bike. Between artistic object and trendy vehicle, you will no longer see your faithful twowheeled companion in the same way. The indoor bike often abused, rusty and torn, the bicycle is only considered as a very practical means of transport in the event of a public transport strike.

e-commerce photo editing

Greeting Card Designs to Get You in the Holiday Spirit.

However, under the hands of certain artists, the CMB Directory bicycle finds its letters of nobility and inspires. Through the readymade bicycle wheel by marcel duchamp, the bike is transformed into a true work of art. Finally, we notice its regular and pleasant architecture by playing with its shadow. Les loisirs sur fond rouge by fernand léger brings the bicycle to the fore and gives. It a physiognomy that is both surreal and suggestive. Opened last january by three young people, the wall gallery offers an amazing concept. Aware that streetart is sometimes threatened by the need for a particular but prohibited. Medium, they suggest using readymades of preframed walls. The walls are different according to the needs of each. Graffiti artist more or less rough textures, varied colors and sizes. The workshops and the gallery are open to the public by appointment to discover these unique works.

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