Prepare the webinar

How to organize a successful webinar [5 steps] Step 2. Determine the subject, content and time The subject must appeal to the target audience. If necessary, do a small keyword research, view trend reports or ask a number of people from the target group what interests them. Only if the topic appeals to them will they click on the registration link. When delivering content, it is wise to consider using external speakers.

Also make sure that

A customer, an independent third party or a researcher are often more credible than ‘we at Toilet Duck’. The time is of great importance, also tailor it to your target group. Things that you can take into Realtor Email List account are, for example, time zones (if you work internationally), working days (many people are free on Wednesdays), breaks and times when people have permanent work. Step 3.


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Create a promotion plan Of course you want as many relevant participants as possible for your webinar. That starts with a good promotion plan. In practice I see that it usually remains with a number of invitations to the mailing list. A nice start, but you don’t approach new people that way. Also consider using the following: LinkedIn posts (by you and your colleagues + your company page) Sponsored LinkedIn Posts LinkedIn Lead ads Facebook.

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