Prepare the content and structure well together

With great pleasure we trained a small group of students every week and shared an accompanying manual with them. By organizing such a training and bringing the students together online, we were able to transfer knowledge, answer questions, remove doubts and also increase involvement in the project. In the training we paid attention to ‘how do you organize a technically good Insta Live?’ as to ‘what are you going to tell, how do you build up your session?’.

Work in pairs

The manual also contained a handy checklist (pdf). As a result, the students entered their session confidently. Everyone had the technology under control, knew what he/she wanted to say and knew how to deal with the incoming questions. This created space to make real contact Qatar WhatsApp Number List with the prospective student. Get your colleagues excited It was new for Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences to organize sessions on such a large scale via Instagram Live.

In addition to preparing

It turned out to be very important to properly inform colleagues at different levels in the organization at different times. Before the start about the why, about our approach and what we needed from them. In addition, we have seen that it is important to continue to share interim successes so that the enthusiasm is shared more widely. The colleagues of the study information team also became enthusiastic and actively participated. They have also done a number of live sessions themselves.

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