Practically nothing changes

We now have eight years of experience organizing Exact Live, but now everything is different. Due to the new circumstances, we are virtually reinventing this event from scratch. That requires a completely different way of thinking. This event is therefore not a meeting that you physically visit, but a beautiful series that you want to binge watch at home . And there is also irony in that: at a physical event you do not want visitors to be glued to their screens and now you are trying to suck the viewer into the screen.

No time to waste

Keep in mind that, although you can no longer give the event you had in mind, with a good dose of creativity you can still organize great online business events. Hopefully the visitor can’t wait for the next ‘episode’ to start. Watch the online event about smart digital working right away Do you want to take digital steps within your organization and get employees involved in your change? During the Digital Workspace Event, the online Tunisia WhatsApp Number List event about the digital workplace, you will receive tips, handles and inspiration from renowned subject experts such as Eddie Obeng, Saskia Nijs and Rick Pastoor and from companies that came before you.

Seek human contact

Want to know more or start watching right away? How often do you manage to check off your entire to-do list? And to work focused on one task? Probably ‘not always’ and ‘rarely’. You’re not the only one. We often blame technology, but that’s really not the issue. Behavior that we do against our better judgment has been around for a very long time. Plato even came up with a definition for it: akrasia. So it’s nothing new, but how can we be distracted?

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