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Major reputational damage as a result of insecure communication processes. The observant reader will be aware that the risks mainly concern. The protection of privacy-sensitive data. Now that we continue to work remotely, we share passwords and login data, files with personal data, (email) addresses, large Excel sheets with data, and even copies of ID cards or passports with each other. Usually just via email, a chat program, in a video meeting or even via WhatsApp.

Cybersecurity risk 4:

In 2019, more than 97% (pdf) of all data breaches in. The Netherlands were caused by human errors within these communication processes. And not by hackers or cyber criminals (as many people think!). Such a data breach can cause major reputational damage and also entail Nepal WhatsApp Number List a high cost (for solving the leak, but also potentially a large fine from the Dutch Data Protection Authority). And we all know : “A good reputation comes on foot, but goes on horseback”.

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It takes years to restore your reliable reputation as an organization. This also applies to smaller organizations. Recent Cisco research shows that 60% of SMBs that experience a large data loss are bankrupt within three years. Also read: Tips for safe and professional working from home Key take-away: marketers, communication specialists and cyber security experts should get together in 2020 to discuss the following questions: “How do we actually prevent things from going wrong?

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