Organic reach via social media limited

And by ‘reach’ I mean without selectivity or manipulation, and then also all voters ! For the next elections, but also for other situations, a concept for a ‘citizens’. The government to facilitate, protect and reach all citizens. It is a safe environment within the public internet.

The emphasis on selective

This also makes it possible to vote securely online and not just once every four years. The digital epidemic Due to the enormous impact of the corona pandemic, all attention has been focused on it and Event Planner Email List another epidemic has been snowed in as a result. Politicians may not be very sorry about this, because they have unfortunately shown that they have little understanding of this digital epidemic and its influence on society .

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And that while at the same time the consequences of the corona. Just think of working from home, distance learning, online shopping or video calling. Corona has given the digitization of society a major push. But due to the prevailing lack of understanding, this has also resulted in undesirable consequences, such as cybercrime, spreading fake news, organizing riots, privacy violations or the exclusion of certain groups.

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