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Take Google as an example, which once competed as a search engine with Yahoo! Meanwhile, Google is trying to make their strategic positioning ‘to make the life of every person at every stage a little easier’. Without this repositioning, Google might still have competed with Yahoo. And Yahoo – by means of the better algorithms – might have been a step further than Google.

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First of all, it is important to know your target group through and through Know your target audience. By this I mean that you will discover which Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List customers appreciate you the most, but also what you have to do to get this appreciation. For example, Harley Davidson was known as a motorcycle brand for true enthusiasts because of its quality and personalization.

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But they also had to deal with the long waiting times for the products to be delivered. Harley Davidson could have done several things, such as adjusting production processes. But they decided that their real target audience cares more about quality than fast delivery times. They opted for the following proposition: “Worth the wait”. A good example where this went completely wrong is when BIC launched the women’s pen.

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