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This is the Horn effect . We tend to judge people negatively, based on one aspect. This is how you prevent the Halo effect It is clear that these two effects can cause a lot of damage. But how do we prevent them? Because these prejudices are active in our subconscious, it is difficult to avoid them anytime and anywhere. We sometimes rely on the wrong people, based on the wrong criteria. But you can train yourself to be alert to the Halo effect. Always ask yourself if this person is an expert in this field.

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What does his or her track record look like? Does the person have experience in this area? Or have you followed a study that matters in this area? See if you can find good reasons to believe this person and not just ‘because he/she tells a Kazakhstan Phone Number List believable story’. Search for experts in your case. People with the right education and/or relevant experience. Ask for evidence underlined by multiple experts. This is how you best arm yourself against the Halo effect.

The Halo effect in all its glory

Use the Halo effect yourself for your business Of course you can also use the effect for your own brand. How far you go with that is of course up to you, but my advice is to keep it pure and honest. If you don’t, then this film is a great lesson for you… Have a good appearance. With appointments and job applications, but also in your branding. Think of a beautiful house style and well-designed marketing resources. The use of influencers or celebrities could work for you, these people are often above average attractive and benefit from the Halo effect.

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