Online ordering is and remains

Which guests really make you happy? If you want, you can see down to the euro how much turnover has come from certain efforts. And as soon as it is clear which target group or action will produce. The desired effect, you can get to work. The ideal guest is of course different per catering company, but has a major impact on the end result in the long term.

An extra income stream

For example, the ideal guest could be a young, highly educated couple who has a reasonable amount of money to spend and who stays for a nice long dinner. Or someone who likes a simple menu and is quickly gone, giving you a quick run-through. It is good VP Administration Email Lists to map out which guests really make you happy and which fit well with the concept. They are then fully satisfied and so are you.

Example: You looked at shoes

So you want more of that. In addition, it is essential to use ‘tracking’. Tracking ensures that you follow a potential guest until they make a reservation. This measurability ensures that you can show any guests who have not yet booked different content than someone who has already done so. Example: You looked at shoes on a website, but did not buy them.

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