Online audiences generally

Online audiences generally have a shorter attention span. So you have to approach this group in a different way. The content should be short, crisp and easily digestible. And do you want the audience to keep coming back after every session? Then you have to surprise, for example via different settings. Think of: a round table as with DWDD, a desk like at RTL Boulevard, or the traditional stage feel. A tight storyline and a good presentation are therefore more important than ever.

Practically nothing changes

Digital events become the new normal Many major changes that have arisen in the time of corona – such as working from home or contactless payment – ​​will continue after the pandemic. Digital events are no exception and will permanently replace some of the physical meetings. But to Thailand WhatsApp Number List speak of the new normal in the event world is going a step too far. The public attaches too much value to human contact for that. Setting up a digital version of an event means pioneering.

In the form of the sessions

For example, our Exact Live event lends its right to existence not only to the knowledge and inspiration gained during the sessions, but also to the contact between people from the industry. Networking is just as important and for many entrepreneurs a change of environment also provides inspiration. Virtual events will certainly occupy a permanent place in the marketing mix, but together with physical events. In fact, a hybrid form. Setting up a digital version of an event means pioneering.

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