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After having already made good use of advertising on its social network, Facebook is looking for new sources of Bahamas Phone Number List growth in online purchases. Recently, Facebook has multiplied initiatives aimed at promoting and facilitating online commerce via social networks. After the integration of the “Buy” button, the creation of carousel, canvas and dynamic ads, the launch of its platform for small ads Bahamas Phone Number List between individuals (Marketplace) and the new online shopping function on Instagram recently, Facebook is attacking offensively to e-commerce. It will also soon be possible to create a store on your company’s Facebook Page,

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without going through e-commerce platforms such as  Shopify or BigCommerce. This new feature is currently being tested in the United States, and it may soon be launched in France according to the French help pages dedicated to this new tool that can already be seen on Bahamas Phone Number List the Facebook creation tool.  How does the future Shop section of your business Page work? This new free tool simply allows you to present and sell your products directly on Facebook. Users will be able to discover, share and buy new products from your business Page. For the moment, it is only a question of products, and not of services or digital goods.

Bahamas Phone Number List

Facebook-shop the Steps to


create your store on Facebook, you must click on “ Add a section ” on your business Page. You must then accept the Bahamas Phone Number List general conditions of use. Then you have the choice between allowing. The user to pay for their purchases on facebook or redirect. Them to another website to make the payment. Create-store-facebook when the configuration. Of your store is complete you will be able.To add products from  Bahamas Phone Number List the store section or the publishing tools. You have the possibility to add descriptions. Images and variants (colors, sizes, formats). For each product according to the recommendations. And conditions established by facebook. You can also create collections containing, for each of them, up to 1000 products.

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