One day a year a friendly young

Because it is clicked by readers because the knowledge in the article is new to many readers. The tool is not the target The problem is that we are so often distracted from what we’re actually trying to achieve by chasing after such a shiny bead. We run campaigns via 3 different social media channels instead of first learning to optimally control 1 channel. We embrace a new tool as a goal, instead of putting the tool in the service of the goal.

National Bead Collection Day

We exhaust our ‘working memory’ with distractions, novelties and dopamine shots by constantly checking our social media channels and e-mail. And Israel Phone Number List that ensures that you progress less quickly. Makes less impact. Or in the worst case a burnout . Because those glass beads and mirrors pile up on your desk until your entire keyboard is covered and you’re no longer able to type decent texts and get your shit done.

We embrace a new tool as a goal

National Bead Collection Day That is why I advocate a National Bead Collection Day. One day a year a friendly young man or lady will visit you with a beautiful blue cargo bike to take all your beads and mirrors and take them to the thrift shop. Without mercy you can dump the contents of your AppSumo account into the cargo bike. The apps on your smartphone that you haven’t used in weeks anyway.

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