Once you know which products

Also read: Optimizing your social media campaigns: keep experimenting If you are going to follow the holidays with always on campaigns, change your current campaign as little as possible. Especially if you use automated bidding strategies. Only adjust the message of your ads and the landing pages you use. Your keywords and target groups must remain as they are in order to achieve maximum return.

Do you do remarketing? hook up!

There are several ways to get involved with ads: In Google Ads you can use a count down timer in your ads. Think of ‘2 more days and 1 hour of unique Christmas offers’. You can schedule your ads to deliver a unique message at different Belize Phone Number List times and days. This is useful if you want to respond in the run-up to Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and on the days themselves.

Make small tweaks to your landing pages

Make small tweaks to your landing pages (for example, place a banner or put internal links in the first paragraph). Also place calls-to-actions to your more elaborate landing pages that are set up for the holidays on your landing page. 3. Do you do remarketing? hook up! Once you know which products or services you want to promote during the holidays, it is wise to create remarketing audiences in advance.

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