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What Google’s FLoC alternative will look like. It is highly uncertain whether targeted advertising will remain possible in the future. Almost all non-Google browsers are averse to the FLoC alternative. Users who use Chrome will of course remain reachable as a targeted audience . Whether it is wise to put all the eggs in this basket is therefore open to question. 3.

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Build a first party data strategy The most drastic but arguably the best preparation for a future without third party data is to implement a first party data strategy. What does a first party data strategy look like? Often websites and apps ask Portugal Phone Number List their visitors for data and permission to use their profile very late in the customer journey. For example, if you shop online, you only create a profile during check-out.

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That bit of ‘consent’ will move forward in the future . Companies will have to think about how they can register their visitors as quickly as possible. For example, to make use of extensive services, via a freemium model or extra content. There are many possibilities to offer visitors added value in exchange for creating a profile. For example, it is very interesting for a car brand to know the profile of visitors when they use their configurator.

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