Often difficult in practice.

Tell them that most people are already doing something, and others are inclined to join. Often difficult in practice. Because in every market there is only one largest. Fortunately, recent research offers opportunities. Scientists told visitors to a canteen that 3 out of 10 people there ate vegetarian. The number of vegetarian orders increased slightly as a result. But then they made it: 3 out of 10 visitors started eating vegetarian.

Man is a group animal

That word immediately doubled the number of vegetarian orders. A big bluebottle effect. Do: pack your social proof a little more creatively. Because of that blue band, Swapfiets does not have to say that they are growing, you see more Kazakhstan Phone Number List and more of them. 5. The Time Fly You know the marshmallow test: children will soon receive two marshmallows if they leave one now. A torture, which only a few succeed in.

The companion fly

It is now outdated that you could predict the future success of a child in this way. But the principle is: adults too have a hard time resisting a reward that they can get now. Adults also have a hard time resisting a reward they can get now Difficult, because the reward for desired behavior often lies far in the future. Someday you will be glad that you took out that insurance or mortgage, that you studied, ate healthy and saved green. But now it costs money, effort. Smart is therefore a savings account that is also a lottery:

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