Offer structure and a common goal

Start the conversation, express your appreciation for what they do and also support them personally in things that have nothing to do with work. Pro tip: send handwritten cards with a personal message. Little things like this make all the difference. 5. Be inspiring Inspiration is just as contagious as corona: when you are inspired, you also inspire the people around you. You do this by having a goal. A mission. This is the raison d’être of your team or even the entire organization.

Remote leadership still

In everyday life the mission is sometimes forgotten, so talk about it and remind your team why they are there and what their individual role is in it. Use the goal to bring out the inspiration in your team Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List and conquer the world together (so to speak). work from home “Remote leadership still requires leadership” Marit Jansen , Transformation Consultant at ABN AMRO, is also involved in inspiring teams. She shares 7 focus points for executives in times of corona and working from home . A small disclaimer:

requires leadership

Marit starts her session by stating that she is not an expert in remote management. “Corona forced us to do this experiment and we are still learning.” 1. Offer structure and a common goal Since we work from home, people lack structure. In the morning it is no longer a matter of getting up, taking a shower, helping any children, having breakfast, packing lunch boxes, riding the bike or getting into the car and ‘hehe, finally at the office’. No, you wake up in the office.

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