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The whole company participates. Also read: This is how you involve colleagues with less technical knowledge in your innovation process 4. Which resources do you choose? And measure! The biggest challenge today is reaching your people. The tech companies certainly have countless channels. From email to Yammer. And each solution has its own ambassadors in the company.

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It’s simply about connecting everyone. Let that be the guiding principle and preferably choose a means by which you can measure whether the content has been opened. Let the Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List technology do the work, but remember that tools almost never create content on their own. Appreciate the newsroom’s creative process. The number of clicks on content is not a panacea.

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The best thing is if you can experience a wildfire. That people approach you about something that has been in the ‘news’ and ask questions about it. Ultimately, it should contribute to bonding and you will see results reflected in a reduced outflow of employees. 5. Get started Take the previous steps seriously, but the important thing is that you start. The first draft is never perfect.

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