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You can also give the target group a higher bid within Google Ads. 2. Clustering customers based on e-commerce and CRM data To create the following target group you need a link between your CRM system and e-commerce data. This is actually the biggest challenge for many people. Once you have the data from your CRM and e-commerce system in a dataset, you can start analyzing it.

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Below I explain how you can extract valuable insights from this data. The insights There are mathematical models that recognize the relationships between large groups of data points. These models recognize the data point groups with the Canadian CEO Email Lists smallest mutual distance. For example, you can cluster customers within your dataset who return products more often than average.

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Examples of relevant customer segments: Relatively new website users who have not yet ordered anything but who show a lot of interaction on the website; Customers who have not ordered products for a long time; Valuable customers who show a lot of interaction on the site and who order regularly. Target group example You can set up a remarketing campaign based on these segments.

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