Never talk negatively

Gerald Ratner could be described in one word in the early 1990s: successful. The ambitious Briton had built his father’s jewelery business into a billion-dollar empire in 6 years. Ratners Group had no fewer than 2000 stores in the United Kingdom and the United States. But on April 23, 1991, this changed within the space of a few minutes. Why? Ratner made some misguided jokes in front of 6,000 people at an event. The result was less funny: within days, the value of his company fell by more than half a billion British pounds.

The speech started well

Ratner lost his job. Curious which Ratner jokes proved fatal? And do you want to discover what other marketing lessons we can learn from the disastrous mistakes of entrepreneurs? Then keep reading. Lesson 1. ‘A careless choice of words can make your company hated’ Before I reveal Italy Business Fax List the joke that killed Gerald Ratner, let me tell you about a department store chain that incites its customers to rape them over Christmas dinner. Excuse me? Yes, you read that right.

Due to his successes

This page in the 2015 Christmas catalog of the American company Bloomingdales: Department store Bloomingdales urges customers to rape – Online marketing Antwerp Spike your best best friend’s eggnog when they’re not looking , we read. This can be loosely translated as, “Put drugs in your best friend’s eggnog when she’s not looking.” Eggnog is a typical Christmas drink. Putting drugs in a drink usually has the purpose of sexual abuse. Why, Bloomingdales, why?

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