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Artificial Intelligence and the loss of a lot of third party data has and will have a major impact on our future as marketers. Yet, besides the tech giants (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft), there are few companies that use AI and machine learning to derive added value from their own website or CRM data. In the future, this will become the point where you can gain competitive advantage.

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I would be happy to show you how, as a marketer, you can extract added value from your first-party data using machine learning . First- en third-party data We use information obtained from various cookies to drive our marketing campaigns. Cookies Kenya WhatsApp Number List on our own website are a form of first-party data. Tracking users on your website via a Facebook cookie is a form of third-party data.

Which target groups do you create with this?

Well-known browsers such as Safari and Firefox. If Google Chrome will also allow fewer. Cookies next year and the lifespan of cookies. Will be shortened, you will be increasingly allocated to your own first-party data. That is why I would like to tell you in this article how you can do more with this. Machine Learning The first step towards AI is machine learning.

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