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In shared transport, it is especially important to convince consumers. Companies and authorities that shared transport is much more efficient than, for example, private cars. In strategy 2 you focus on completely dominating a sub-segment of the market. In this example, you would divide the transportation market into smaller chunks. Starting with partial transport, but possibly even smaller as: partial transport for short distances.

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Or you focus purely on a certain type of shared transport: e-bikes, e-scooters or electric cars. It is important to show in this sub-segment that you clearly distinguish yourself from the major players in the total market. And of course also that Chile WhatsApp Number List you are the best within this sub-segment. As an example, the major players in the market don’t really have a solution for the last mile yetafter a train journey.

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The sub-segment of partial transport within short distances has a clearly different market here, but it does have a unique attribute that has not yet been fulfilled by the current players. Or you create a completely new market category. Unlike strategy 1 and 2, in strategy 3 you will define a completely new market category. Just like with the introduction of the smartphone, you create a new need, which your new product or service meets.

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