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Some of these child influencers are so young that they don’t belong to the most obsessed generation in the marketing industry: Generation Z (those born between 1995 and 2010). Many were in Gen Alpha when they were 10 or younger, with birth dates starting in 2010. Gen Z (also known as “social media natives”), up to 24 years old, consume the majority of video content (59%) through social channels, spend 2 times as much social time as they do on streaming services, and 5 times as much time as traditional media times.

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And, most of the activity happens on one channel: 85% use YouTube. 79% of parents let their kids under 11 watch YouTube, and 56% have social media accounts by age 12, even though research shows kids are Sweden Phone Number now online as early as two years old. ( Social Media Week ) Marketers are fascinated and confused by consumers under 24. So, as we tend to do, we’re eagerly trying new ways to reach these buyers, earn their trust, and break the noise of whatever channel they’re using. We’re reaching a deal with new stage moms, parents of child influencers. For those accounts with 1 million (or more) followers, we pay $10,000 per post.

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Child Influencers

Across all age groups, we expect to spend $5-10B this year paying influencers for sponsored content. We know there is a huge opportunity here. The digital media market surrounding children is currently exploding. More than 40% of all new internet users worldwide in 2018 were children, with more than 170,000 children going online for the first time every day. Interview many Kris Jenner-Esque entrepreneurs on this episode of CBSN Originals “Kidfluencers: Few Rules, Big Money.”

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