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This international ambition has been around for some time. At Dopper, everyone is convinced of the goal. We are therefore more doers than dreamers. However, it is not easy to cover the whole world with the compact team. That is why the marketing and communication. Budget is mainly spent on events that attract attention and. Thus generate free publicity. Media costs are therefore minimal. He talks with pride about the positive and playful actions that stand out and then go viral:

He talks with pride about

At the Olympic Games in Rio, for example, we carried out a project to clean up the beach. From the found plastic we made a 9 meter long statue in the shape of a Madonna. That ‘image’ has virtually passed the world. This is how we realize our purpose.” Meaningful Madonna Spain WhatsApp Number List Image The fact that everyone at Dopper takes meaningful entrepreneurship seriously is also apparent from the response to the proposal to all go to Rio to reinforce the action.

However, it is not easy

The employees indicated that the money that should be used for this could be better spent on serving the actual purpose. Or to make an extra donation to one of the charities that are supported: a Nepalese community living at the foot of the Himalayas, provided with clean drinking water. This is how Dopper puts the purpose into practice. By building an image of plastic litter, attention was. Drawn to the fight against the PET water bottle during the Rio Olympics.

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