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This feature has been available in beta for the last few months, so we have already tested a few things. Since last week the plugin is available for everyone! Benefits of Google Web Stories There are a lot of reasons to get started with Web Stories: The most important: it’s super fat! Stories make your content look a lot more appealing than an old-fashioned webpage.

How do you combine Web Stories and SEO?

And for my part also better than all the online magazines Chief VP Sales Marketing Officers Email Lists that are currently offered; It is ideal content for smartphones: the slides are vertical and work on AMP technology, which means that they also load super fast on phones; The stories can be embedded and therefore reused on multiple pages; It’s a modern way to share content and information with your target audience.

animations and interaction

Almost everyone already knows the principle of stories from social media and is used to absorbing information in this way; Stories on your website are interactive, because you have to click, listen and watch. As a result, your message stays with the user better; It fits in with Google’s trend to display results that provide quick answers to a search query;

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