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For example, do the basic edit in Adobe Rush and then have the video captioned automatically with MixCaptions. Shorten videos, add a logo, add music, subtitles: in this article you will find the most useful apps for video editing on your phone. video app InShot 3. 5 examples of A/B tests you can set up yourself Are you an online marketer and would you like to set up A/B tests yourself, without the help of development? In fact, anyone can set up an experiment.

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Just make sure that it is clear to yourself and colleagues why you are setting up an experiment. And avoid ‘experimenting for the sake of experimenting’. The tips and practical examples in this article CMO Email Lists will help you on your way. AB test 4. Stand out on social media with these 5 new features. Over the past year, a number of great new features. Have been added to social media. Such as LinkedIn Live. Facebook Messenger Rooms and AR Lenses in Snapchat.

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Use these new features as a boost in your social strategy and ensure more visibility on the channels. likes 5. Achieve more with relevant newsletters through smart profile enrichment Commercial newsletters are rarely read from head to foot by recipients. For both B2C and B2B, mailings disappear in the trash because they are too long, have too much text or are not responsive. Shame! Because these newsletters are often made with a lot of attention and effort.

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