Marketing lessons from the sneaker world:

The massclusivity approach is more in line with the sneaker business. Photo of sneakers that have become more expensive. Stockx – sneaker resell-website bron: Now you may be wondering ‘can I do this trick for my fire too?’ It depends on. It largely depends on the nature of the product you want to market. With only a limited edition you are of course not there yet.

Marketing the Rainbow:

Scarcity alone does not create hype. You can of course encourage a hype by, for example, working together with opinion leaders of your target group, in a special edition of your product. Then apply buzz marketing techniques such Congo-Brazzaville B2B List as a striking, creative (online) video, social media effort or a presence at the right event – ​​you name it† Mind you: even if you apply everything by the book, the biggest factor of hype creation is a good dose of luck. If you’ve ever been involved in the successful creation of a hype, I’d love to hear from you!

The Rules of Audience Segmentation

If the shoe fits, put it on… Am I a willing victim of the sneaker industry? Is my bursting shoe closet, the occasional ‘eye-roll’ of my girlfriend and the constant search for new gems all worth it to me? Yes, of course! Because yes, for this connoisseur it is not clothes, but especially sneakers that make a man. This article was written with the help of hardcore collectors and (co-)administrators of the group GruppoBigFeet45+:

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