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Then the online course Setting up smart online campaigns may provide you with the tools you need. In 1 hour you will find out how to find, involve and convince your audience. Curious? View the online course. It’s that time again on Friday 26 November. Black Friday, the bargain event of the year. Black Friday originally comes from America and is slowly but surely becoming a fixture on the Dutch calendar. With two months to go, you have plenty of time to think about which products you are going to discount.

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And perhaps even more important: from which moment you start doing that. Spoiler alert : the best time to put your deals in the (online) shop window is not on Black Friday itself. But when? We give you tips to get the most out of it! America Russia Phone Number List vs. in the Netherlands Black Friday has been celebrated in America for years and is the closing date for Thanksgiving, an American holiday. Black Friday was originally set up by retailers so they could write black numbers and not end the year with a loss.

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From Friday to Monday (Cyber ​​Monday), these retailers put their stock on sale. Most retailers are now no longer dependent on Black Friday to make a profit, but the tone has been set and this shopping day has become a real tradition to close Thanksgiving. So it only really starts after the (vegan) turkey is finished and the bellies are round. In the Netherlands it is a bit different.

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