Make time for traction

Use technology to get the most out of life” The session of Alison Hadden has stayed with me the most. She has been a marketing executive for several international companies and is now working on her own company No Time to Waste. According to Alison, we have no time to lose. Her goal is to make people more aware of their time. Here too, life with intention passes by again.

Dare to face your internal triggers

The coronavirus pandemic poses challenges like working from home and remote meetings, but it has also caused the number of people with depression in America to triple. Didn’t you have an anxiety UK WhatsApp Number List disorder yet? Then you probably got one this year. We are afraid of getting sick. Afraid of losing our job. Afraid of dying. We are built to survive and succeed, but there is no escaping death.

Look for traction so you

What one really fears is not so much extinction, but extinction without insignificance,” said Ernest Becker. We are afraid of dying without contributing anything. Therefore, live as if you have no time to lose. This all sounds very melodramatic and American. The reason Alison is so conscious of this is because she has cancer for the third time and this time is terminal. She literally has no time to lose.

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