Make sure you have a good announcement

You can do that via DM, but going live offers many more options. When you go live, you have a larger audience, a lot of attention and promotion opportunities and you can really set the mood. Moreover, a live session is interactive thanks to the chat function, but if you don’t want to ask questions, you can also just watch. Did you miss the session? Then you can watch it afterwards via IGTV. The information from your live session is therefore available 24/7.

Do not let the session last too long

Compared to a webinar (via Zoom or MS Teams, for example), Instagram Live is an accessible way to reach young people. Pre-registration is not necessary. You can participate fairly anonymously (camera is not necessary). And the session takes place in a medium that the young Portugal WhatsApp Number List people know well and are comfortable with. The latter also applies to the students who gave the live session as ambassadors. So win-win. Also read: How TU/e ​​turns its target group into influencers [case] There is also a caveat to this.

Always use a moderator

The non-commitment (you come into the session, ask your question and leave) results in a high turnover of spectators during the session. That is why it is good to organize both short live sessions on Instagram and webinars where the training can dive more deeply. Session on Instagram Live by Hogeschool Rotterdam. Good preparation is half the battle The fact that the student ambassadors were already familiar with Instagram does not alter the fact that good preparation is a must.

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