Make Sure There Are No Google Account Verification Issues

If you are buying a used old used, refurbished Android phone. Then you must make sure that. All Google accounts removed from the phone. Before performing a factory reset. This device was reset to continue syncing previously USA Phone Number List on this device” error when you switch a Google account to log in on your new phone . To fix this, the seller will have to log into the phone with his Google account and then remove his account from the phone before doing a factory reset. However if you have already bought a used phone the seller longer available because of you we have published a detailed article on , a Google account that was previously synced on this device .

Hardware Quality Check

Now that you’ve done the two most important checks – it’s time to look at the hardware. To check the hardware, you can install the Phone Doctor Plus app, which tests for 30 hardware items and sensors, including multi-touch, headset and microphone, gyroscope, proximity sensor and display. It is an easy to use application. The image below shows the options available in this application: Mobile phone app doctor check hardware Phone Doctor Plus app is available for all Android based devices. Many other similar applications are available online. Choose someone you like. Performing a hardware check on used Samsung phones is easy as it does not require installing additional apps. Just type the dial *#0*# to display the available test options. Options are intuitive. The corresponding checks are performed with each option and read instruction.

Check Activation Lock

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Android devices may have an activation. Activation lock that prevents the activation the device. Another person if the device. Check with the where the lock disabled. Or try using Google’s ID to configure the device. If it prompts the front Google ID to configure, it means Activation Lock is on. This feature supports phones running Android OS 5.01 or higher. Reactivation Lock installed by default as a security feature on the latest Samsung devices. This feature prevents data wipes, resets your phone, and stops anyone else from using the phone. The location of this option on your phone can be based on the model. the device and the version of Android installed. Make sure the device have any programs that uninstalled. This could be an indication of the presence of a malicious cell phone.

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