Make it attractive to order from you

In addition, you can of course ask yourself how you can add value to the neighborhood in other ways as well. Whether you can serve guests. For example, you can also rent out the rooms and areas that are not booked for lectures, private dinners or as a showroom. 3. Insightful data is the key to a full case Data and measurability are also becoming increasingly important and effective marketing.

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With demonstrable results and returns – is therefore regarded as the new standard. Do you want to provide insight into which target groups, campaigns VP Software Email Lists and other efforts are producing the guests and/or results you want? The answer is simple: collect your data and find out who your ‘ideal’ guest is. But how do you start with this? Installing Google Analytics is a very good first step.

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It is also advisable to place pixels on your website. These ensure that you build up a target group, which you can then target more effectively through online campaigns. Does it all run smoothly? Then continue with Clarity, the new free tool from Microsoft. This tool literally lets you see through the eyes of your visitor and also tells you, for example, which button is clicked the most.

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