Make good work and persevere

So take a closer look at your Google My Business page and add to it where possible. For example, think about changing your opening hours around the holidays, communicating your corona measures and drawing attention to your offer and promotions. Ho, ho… I mean: go, go, go! We need to focus on the digital employee experience.”

Watch the interviews with

With Google My Business, you connect with consumers via Google and Google Maps, taking advantage of the increase in local loyalty. And last but not least : make sure India WhatsApp Number List everything is properly measured and evaluate the efforts and outcomes in 2021. This again forms good input for next year’s holidays. Hopefully I was able to inspire you and. Give you tools to get started right away. Because the holidays are closer than you think.

You can’t solve everything

Thought leader James Robertson is adamant about why this is necessary. “You cannot offer a better customer experience than the employee experience. So keep watching your employees. Walk with them for a few days, solving small simple things for them. And make sure that the common goal is clear.” James Robertson is a global thought leader in the digital employee experience, digital workplace and intranets.

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