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After the growth phase comes the maturity phase. Companies that were defending their market position are now entering attack mode. Competition in the market for shared transport is strong. Take, for example, the market for shared scooters. There, Felyx and Check are mainly looking for connections with train connections, but GoSharing is trying to distinguish itself through multimodal solutions.

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For example, they started with scooters, but eventually they want to enter the market with e-bikes, e-scooters and e-cars. An electrical solution for every distance. And not just in the big cities, but throughout the Netherlands. The Dutch scale-up Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List has now established itself in 30 Dutch cities, including Hengelo, Assen, Ridderkerk and Zoetermeer. Strategy 1, 2 and 3 In addition to direct competition, they also continue to fight against the existing alternatives in the market: own transport, public transport, walking.

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That’s exactly what strategy 1 falls under: competing for leadership in an existing market. In this market strategy, the services will not focus on changing the rules of the game. But on the contrary, they prove that they are a better solution in the existing playing field than the existing alternatives. The aim behind this is that you will master the complete transport market and subsequently remain the market leader.

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