Long Tail Professional (Pro)

Here comes my favorite and powerful keyword research tool. long tail Key words Is the ideal tool for all good reasons. Many SEOs (me included) believe that LTP helps us find keywords that couldn’t be found with Google Keyword Planner. How it works: After downloading your copy from here, you must allow it to access your google AdWords account Finland Phone Number List so you can find the best keywords from there. Then, you start a research project for the new keyword using any name. Long Tail Pro Project Champion Enter your project name After this, LTP will ask you to enter your seed keyword (could be anything – even completely unrelated niches like health and blog). Long Tail Professional (Pro)

Ubersuggest (Free)

Generate long tail keywords using Pro You can have it find long-tail keywords that contain a certain number of words. Additional customizable search options include giving a certain range of monthly searches, country targets and more. You can also compete and filter results more based on available EMDs (exact match domains), Google and Bing titles. Long Tail Pro helps you find depending on Keyword input of 800 keywords per seed. But the main key here is to find relevant keywords and reuse their seed keywords until you on arrival Mines that generate pure gold keywords. Long Tail Professional (Pro)

Semrush Premium 30 Day Free Trial

Finland Phone Number List
Finland Phone Number List

SEMrush is one of the secret weapons you need to beat your competitors with keyword research. How it works: SEMrush can help you with your keyword research just like any other premium tool, but what makes it special is that it helps you keep track of the keywords your competitors are ranking for. This can be a huge benefit in competitor analysis. And, discover the keywords that are actually sending traffic to your competitors.

Just enter the keyword, seed and select the country and language you want to target your relevant keywords to. It counts long-tail keywords that have relatively less competition and are easier to rank for. Kinder also shows a ” interest over time ” graph that tells you how popular your long-tail keywords are (from 2004 until the date). Additionally, Kinder shows that the top sites are ranked along with their social metrics for a given term.



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