Logistics And The Automation

Pastorelli confirms the ferment within the market, fueled by the need to optimize internal logistics processes. The company responds with integrated systems, in which all components and subsystems interact synergistically. Today’s market requires a holistic vision, that is. It France Phone Number List wants expert advice that is able to accompany the company in a change that also affects the business. Without a 360-degree approach, there is a risk of developing inadequate systems: many customers, for example, ask for more space in their warehouses, but sometimes it is enough to work on stock policies to solve the problem. In other words: what the market needs is a supplier of solutions, not of products: this is our job “.

Of Executive Processes

What Toyota and its partners propose is the essence of the 4.0 model, based on the integration and communication in real-time of all the subsystems that are part of a production company or a logistics sector. But at France Phone Number List supporting him: «The 4.0 model is not automation but interconnection. There is no doubt that automation will play an increasingly important role in warehouses. But only for repetitive activities. The human France Phone Number List operator is connected to the system via smartphone, field terminals.

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The Great Challenge Of The System

On the same wavelength is Stefano Cudicio, CEO of Stasi, partner of Toyota Material Handling Italia, and a company recognized on the market for Silwa. The supervision software of integrated logistics systems: France Phone Number List and with 5G will do it even more. There will be an ever-greater interconnection between systems. With signals that will also be available in streaming. And this will allow for ever greater control by supervisors.  At the moment, the intervention France Phone Number List of the human being and his cognitive capacity is irreplaceable”.


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