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Alexandra Hirschi aka SuperCarBlondie is probably. The best-known female car influencer. Based in Dubai (but has a huge following in the US!) As one of the most powerful women in the Arab world (1 by Esquire in 2018). Her online presence related to automotive content is impressive: Months Cameroon Phone Number she has earned over the past 6 years: 26.2 million engagements, 884 million video views, and 688 million potential reach. Will she increase sales of the $13.2 million Bugatti Centodieci? Who knows, but she’s sure to encourage other car lovers to dream a little bigger.

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Patrice Banks is the CEO of Girl’s Auto Clinic, whose mission is to encourage women to fix their own cars. It started when she tried to find a female mechanic online and was instead directed. To a series of stock images of women in bikinis working on cars. Despite her success at DuPont, a Cameroon Phone Number chemical company, she left to pursue a job educating other women in the automotive industry. Her motto is “If you can’t find a female mechanic, become one!” Her Philadelphia clinic does an excellent job of manicure/pedicure while you wait to get your car fixed. She inspires 18,000 fans every day and I highly recommend her TEDx Talk.

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Sophia Floersch is a German racer, mid-level influencer and downright badass. She communicates primarily in English, but 42 percent of her audience is German. While Sophia describes herself as an “ordinary girl,” the 19-year-old is very accomplished. Passionate about cars, she was already a recognized athlete at a young age. Despite being in a male-dominated industry, Sophia is fearlessly feminine. She doesn’t shy away from posting makeup or swimsuit photos on social media. In the past 6 months, people have interacted with Sofia 2.74 million times, and the engagement rate has reached 4.5% – if social media is a game, Sofia will definitely win.


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