Local campaigns help you attract local

Local Services Ads local services ads google In addition to local advertisements for products, it is also possible to use local advertisements for services from 30 September . These ads help consumers find local, trusted professionals such as plumbers, cleaners, and electricians. Potential customers who see the ad can contact the provider by phone or email directly from the ad.

through Google Maps,

In America it is also possible to book appointments online. This functionality is not (yet) available in Europe. You determine your budget in advance and only pay. Not when the ad is clicked. google protection badge The Google Protection Badge To further Morocco WhatsApp Number List facilitate the search for a reliable service provider, the local services advertisements are supported with the Google Protection badge. This badge offers customers the advantage of getting a refund from.

and on YouTube.

With the quality of the work done. An interesting badge for advertisers to obtain, because it will undoubtedly benefit the CTR. To qualify for Google Protection, Google verifies that your business meets local licensing and insurance requirements. Grow your local revenue Connecting offline and online has never been more important than it is now.

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