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It’s impossible to follow Paola without falling in love with her feed; it’s colorful and inspiring. She often paired bold outfits with subtle and alluring hair accessories.  Teatime at  || This morning ritual restores balance and fuels our future work. With the ongoing turmoil today, we are leaning towards these simple moments of rest and relaxation.


Shelly and Christy Joseph are two sisters of Haitian descent living in Brooklyn. The two of them post everyday aesthetics and clothing inspiration. In my opinion, this duo is absolutely leading the way in content creation. Amy Pakistan Phone Number List  Julliette Lefevre is probably one of the most stylish women on Instagram. Her wardrobe is a combination of total sophistication and sensuality. If you’re looking for an influencer who has a strong sense. Of personal style and looks great in everything she wears, I highly recommend partnering with Amy!

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I encourage marketers and the brands they represent to continually push social justice as part of your company’s DNA. If you’d like to learn more about how to do that. Traackr had a great conversation with Taraji’s. TPH social media team on the role of brands in the social justice movement. Listen here.

As a woman with curly hair, I love getting all my hair inspiration from Christina Vega. She is a professional makeup artist and a member of #SephoraSquad. What beauty brand wouldn’t want to go with Christina’s flawless brows and bold eyeshadow?


I still can’t get over that trip. So you better believe we’ll try it again this year, and I highly recommend you do the same! ! Check out elfbeautyscape.com for details! Sending all the entries a lot of positive vibes xo. Stay tuned for this lewk’s full product deets! 


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