Let Someone Into The Room

If you’re deciding how your brand will continue to respond to movement and everyone in the room looks like you, you’re bound to make some mistakes. It’s important to ensure that people of color oversee these conversations. Depending on your starting point and the diversity of your current team, you can also bring in an outside team or invite influencers of color to help guide your company through long-term and sustainable change.

Who Can Help You Strategize?

The most important thing you can do is make sure you are building a diverse team around you. Different voices add Afghanistan Phone Number energy and dimension to your brand. For five months in 2020, before the murder of George Floyd, beauty and fashion influencers almost never posted using hashtags related to BLM. We see a maximum of 20-50 posts per month Afghanistan Phone Number and they are usually from the same group of influencers.

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Don’t pander to sports.


As most of us learned in elementary Afghanistan Phone Number school. It’s important not to make commitments that we can’t or don’t intend to keep. It’s not enough to post a black square that promises change. Your brand must diversify their influencer bakers, elevate marginalized communities. And have robust programs in place to ensure this social justice becomes part of your evergreen strategy.



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