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You encourage this target group to use the app again via a display or in-app campaign. 4. Predicting Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) based on e-commerce data The wish of every marketer: to optimize your campaigns for valuable customers. If you have collected e-commerce data over a longer period of time, you know which actions your users take and how much they order from you on the site.

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Based on this data, you can make predictions about their spending pattern in the coming period. This way you can calculate the customer value. Here you use the principle of supervised learning again. You use an old dataset containing customer VP Financial Email Lists interactions and the revenue over a certain period to train your model. The model can then make predictions about the expected yield in the future.

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Which target groups do you create with this? Google Analytics: Target audience of your most valuable customers. You could make a special offer via email. Or you could land them on a special promotion landing page. Google Ads: Lookalikes of your most and least valuable customers. You could bid on and off on these target groups. Want to get started?

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