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The day you first got your new laptop? The new one is usually faster. Over time, laptop speed and performance can slow down. For example, it may take some time to start and open/close the program. Trying to work on a slow laptop can be frustrating. including running out of memory, downloading programs, and the presence of computer viruses and malware. In the world, over 80% of people use laptops for a variety of purposes. Among them, about 50% of people face some problems with their laptops when doing important work and are often angry because of their slow laptop performance. Fortunately, there are ways to fix this issue and speed up laptop performance.

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There are some best ways to diagnose and fix a slow laptop. Free space is an important factor in improving the speed of your PC. In most cases, your computer will slow down because there is no free space on your hard disk. Why do you need free space on your hard drive? Basically, your hard drive needs free space for virtual memory. As you run more tasks, RAM Japan Phone Number List overflows and the next task is automatically used by free space on your hard drive (that is, memory swapping), so your hard disk runs out of free space. These files usually consume more space in the system. Enter an alternative word such as (temp, prefetch) in the run window (WIN + R) and follow the same steps

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Here’s how To Free up Space

Type Computer Management in the search box to display a dialog box where you select Disk Management in the Storage section. Click Manage Disks to display a dialog box where you can select and hold the volume you want to expand and select Extend Volume. An important factor to note is that the Extend Volume option is only available if there is unallocated space behind the partition you are expanding. Deleting temporary files or temporary files twice a week will make your laptop faster. Temporary files are created and saved on your PC when you use graphics, video, or media editing software.

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