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For example, one morning I got an email from Tommy Hilfiger. Press office about an exciting new “inclusion initiative” they were working on. The goal of the project is to increase opportunities for underrepresented communities in the fashion industry. The race is in Amsterdam, which in many ways has banned inclusivity, but that’s not the worst part. The email was also accompanied by a photo of members of the jury panel responsible for selecting the winner of the “fashion challenge” aimed at increasing inclusivity. All but one of them are white. This is a deaf and blatantly opportunistic promotion. The project itself, which does nothing but strategically use positive-sounding buzzwords. Actually silences and excludes the communities it claims it wants to help.

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A second example caught my eye when Egypt Phone Number fashion retailers. The Real Real emailed to say they would be hosting a Black History Month panel. At their store in soho, which included Vanity Fair’s black fashion director and a promising Young designer, he won a Vogue Fashion Fund grant last year. The fact that the Egypt Phone Number brand chose to tell its black history in a white-centric manner is deeply offensive. In 2020, this is unacceptable. Many beauty companies keep citing the “Fenty effect” as if it were some sort of mysterious phenomenon.

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When a brand wants to communicate anything to the public, it is non-negotiable to ensure that the required message can withstand multiple layers of scrutiny and go well beyond the surface level. Marketing and advertising must reflect the global community of all consumer products and must ensure. Often, this Egypt Phone Number requires a major overhaul of the company culture. It requires people to humble themselves and open up to the ideas and potential of those who have not had the same experience. This is an extremely difficult job.



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