It’s About Being a Dynamic

To progress, people of color must be empowered to share. Their ideas and oversee narratives that speak directly to them and their communities. It’s no longer satisfying to have a room full of white men giving orders to groups of consumers. Far beyond their reach. While Benetton remained frozen as a cautionary tale in the last millennium. In 2020 it’s sadly possible for a brand to make the same mistake. Before launching an initiative to celebrate diversity, here are 3 questions to ask yourself.

Ethical Business That Aligns

Do I know there are people working here who are members of the community we are trying to reach? Did they feel included and entitled to contribute prior to this project ? Can I hire someone outside El Salvador Phone Number of this organization to advise on best practices for engaging? With new communities in the most responsive and effective way? If someone were to look closely at the brand, in addition to being proactive. Would they find consistency across the brand values ​​and behind the scenes, not just the positive message?

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With People’s Values

2019 was a very successful year for influencer marketing. We are seeing an increase in authenticity and organic partnerships, with many brands turning to sophisticated software that enables them to discover, review and measure influencer impact based on advanced content and audience criteria. We’ve also witnessed continued success in micro and mid-tier influencer activation. Resulting in stronger brands and increased sales. Perhaps most importantly, we’ve seen success with value-driven marketing campaigns.

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