It is therefore preferable to engage

Then it is a logical choice to purchase company cars that drive electrically and to throw the old diesels out of the fleet. Is fun your core value? Then ensure that there are enough team building activities, good fringe benefits and (regular) progress meetings. 4. Using too difficult words Some words are better left behind. A sober Brabant family business would be completely wrong if they opted for the core values ​​of rational , inspiring and humble . Yet this happens in practice.

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My advice is therefore to only use words that you could hear in the workplace. The above terms would therefore be suitable for philosophical consultants. 5. Make it more beautiful than it is Every company claims that they deliver quality. Even Guatemala Phone Number List the director of the Action will say that. The problem is that directors and managers often do not view their company from a neutral perspective. They see it better than it is. That is a great danger when determining the core values, because there is a good chance that the outcome does not match reality.

Make it more beautiful than it is

It is therefore preferable to engage an external party for a core values ​​program. They can look at the organization with an impartial eye and ask critical questions. Despite the fact that this is often confrontational, it does reveal realistic core values ​​and that is the ultimate goal. After all, core values ​​are not about values ​​you want to aspire to, but about putting into words who you are and what you want to live up to. Core values ​​Immo Verbeeck. The core values ​​of the real estate agency Immo Verbeeck.

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