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They often don’t know where to start or don’t take the time. A shame, because then you might as well throw the core values ​​in the trash. There are plenty of ways to bring your core values ​​(visually) to life. For example, consider the following statements: Website Office decoration (interior and exterior) Company video / promo Newsletter Presentations Working Clothes Social media Open day offered Brochures News items Vehicle .

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Lettering audio-logo You can do this very simply, for example, by adding a piece of text to your website, as can be seen on the Tony’s website . You can also have the core values ​​embroidered on your office walls, so that everyone is reminded Ghana Phone Number List of this on a daily basis. Do you want to go a step further? Then you can think of your own audio logo. This is a sound clip that is completely in line with the core values ​​of your company.

Not established among the employees

One of the most recognizable audio logos is that of Coolblue. The infectious whistle that you hear in this was a recurring theme in every commercial for a while. Core values ​​coolblue. The core values ​​of coolblue. Source: In addition to audiovisual, it is also good to include core values ​​in certain choices. For example, is one of your core values ​​sustainable ?

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