It is an old but golden concept:

You can go live with one simple button and share your content with your followers. Especially during the corona pandemic, live streaming has become more relevant than ever, for example Défano Holwijn’s FC Curfew. With this livestream on Instagram, he ensured that thousands of young people stayed indoors every day during the curfew. He speaks in the streams with fascinating guests, such as Hugo de Jonge.

Pandemic inhakers:

He even owes a The Best Social Awards nomination to this cool initiative. Livestream platform Twitch has also grown enormously during the Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List pandemic and will only continue to grow in the coming years. This is because, compared to TV, there is much more (about 60-70%) contact with the viewers. As a live streamer, due to the high level of interactivity, you can really build a relationship with your viewers.

From caution to creativity

There are already rumors in the United States that, in the long run, regular TV will become just like Twitch. Companies and organizations also managed to find live streams in 2020. Think, for example, of the show by De Vrienden van Amstel Live, which took place entirely on the internet. But smaller communities also made grateful use of contemporary technology.

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