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Eleven years after the release of Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists the first part, Brice de Nice signs his big return on our screens, on October 19th. Taking advantage of the phenomenal success generated by Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists the first film, Brice 3 (the 2, he “broke it”) brilliantly used almost all the media possible, relying mainly on the power of social networks . to put it differently, The success of a film no longer depends solely on its content, but on its communication to the general public, and on its ability to (pre)sell itself. And to stand out from the competition, and not to drown in the flood of cinema releases for the start of the school year,

Chorus in The Playgrounds,

the distributor Gaumont Films competed in inventiveness for the release of the film. in other words, More than ten years after the release of Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists the first. to put it differently, The codes of communication have changed a lot. A look back at a well-conducted marketing strategy. That marks the great return of the now legendary surfer. Communication & Seventh art To Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists optimize the lifespan of a film in theaters, it is necessary to “pre-sell”: six months, even a year in advance. This is how the media tornado of the seventh art is set up. The second installment of Brice de Nice is not to be outdone: surfing on the buzz generated by,


 Release of the First Film


the object for a year already of carefully elaborated teasing campaigns. The brice 3 campaign or how to make. The passive relationship that a Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists spectator could have. With the cinema interactive for more than. A year now the film phenomenon. Has been the subject of a promotional campaign. On Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists social networks to prepare for its release. During this year, community managers have struggled. To regularly publish content on twitter, facebook, and instagram – news, photos, interactions. With fans communication around events. Teasers more and more revealing. In order to arouse curiosity and bring together. An increasingly dense community around. The event release scheduled for october 19.

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