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Launched in 2012, Facebook offers are still little used by retailers. However, they have real potential for brands wanting to engage in a  web-to-store strategy. What is Facebook offers? These are promotional offers shared on  a brand’s Facebook page for use online or in-store. under those circumstances, They can be in the form of percentage or value reductions, “buy one, get one free” offers, or free offers (a product or service offered for free).

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most compelling evidence must compelling evidence, which allows you to define the scope of the target audience and target a more precise user profile. example-advertisement-facebook-offer What are the latest useful innovations for a web-to-store strategy? Users will now be able to save promotional codes on Philippines Phone Number List Facebook and use them directly on the mobile website of the brand concerned by the offer without having to return to can be seen, A new section on Facebook will also allow you to save interesting offers and consult them at any time from your mobile or computer.

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Promotional codes should no longer be unique, as a result, Facebook is currently working on customizing codes. Each user will be able to have a personal code, which should prevent abusive and excessive use of  each offer. Users will also receive regular reminders before the expiry of the offers they have saved. A boon for local commerce and driver of in-store. As physical points of sale, stores should see this as. An opportunity to generate traffic. Adopting a web-to-store strategy should allow. Them to bring customers and even new customers to. The store thanks to a free or low-cost promotional campaign.

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