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And have you been online 24/7 since working from home? Then you can give your team the feeling that you expect the same from them. Close your laptop and put it away at night and on weekends. If you don’t take a break and maintain a good work-life balance, your team won’t feel free to do so either. Reflect on your exemplary role: which role model do you want to be?

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Are you that role model right now? Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at Hubspot, says: Dare to be vulnerable. Normalize the fact that you as a manager are occasionally in sackcloth Lebanon WhatsApp Number List and ashes. It’s okay not to be okay. If you share moments like this, your team members are also more likely to indicate that they are having an off day and are not available for a while.

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7. Learning by doing We have now been working from home, to a greater and lesser extent, for six months. Take the time to evaluate this period with your team. What’s going well? Which things work? Where can you improve? Reflect, adapt and move on. After all, only by standing still can you move forward – to throw in another cliché. Lara Sweet agrees: be innovative and experiment.

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